Meeting Notes for June, August, September, October 2019

Date posted: 10/1/2019

Meeting Notes:


1. Kevin provided a Texas Landmark quiz, which reminded everyone what a wonderful state we reside.

2. The financial report YTD has balance of $1291.

3. Michelle shared the experience of BMOA 20 mule team Ride.

4. Jude reported he has a column in the Ride Texas magazine. Jude is relocating and the Club will miss his fellowship and MC safety expertise.

5. Ollie agreed to host the July 4 party at his home.

Members in attendance were Rick Carter, Jude Schexnuder, Dave Barnett, Rich Stott, Jeff Acklen, Michelle Farrell, Matt, Kevin Good, Steve Colwell, Chris Rice, and Meryl Stoller.

July: No meeting


1. The Financial report has balance of $1412.80 YTD

2. Trail Braking was discussed.

3. It was short meeting.

Members in attendance were Dave, Michelle, Jeff, Ken, Rick, Rich, Kevin, Mark, and Meryl.


Secretary lost the notes, but the meeting discussion was the dates for the fall ride to Arkansas and New Mexico.


1. The Financial report has a balance of $1426.80 YTD.

2. McCary had the front page of the MOA magazine again. He has had many photo's published .

3. The club members Forum is broken, and no one is willing at this time to volunteer to be the Web Master to fix the issue. Kevin agreed to discuss with Burnes and the other officers a solution this issue.

Members in attendance were Dave, Ken, Rick, Ollie, Rich, Robin, Kevin, and Mark.

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