A ride and breakfast

Date posted: 2/12/2017

First of all, based on the number of people that went to the wrong place for breakfast this week, please read this notice. And, I promise to try real hard to get the announcement correct.

Steve & Sami Shreeve want to ride the Painted Church route and he has put together plans to do so next weekend. And based on today's weather forecast, it should be an awesome weekend to do that. More on this below.

For Saturday, February the 18th at 8:30am, breakfast will be at El Rey in Dripping Springs.

Following breakfast, the Painted Church ride will begin. Here is what Steve has to say about it:

The Painted Church ride will start at El Rey in Dripping Springs right after breakfast (9:30ish). If anyone wants to meet along the way, thats fine, just let me know in advance so I can look for them.
From El Rey to the last church, the ride will be 145 miles and about 3 and a half hours riding time. We will stop in La Grange for a BBQ lunch before we hit the last church. After that you are on your own to get home.
We should be done about 4:00 at the last church, but that time will vary depending on how long we stay at each stop. I added 3 hours to the ride time for looking at the churches and eating lunch to get to the 4:00 finish time.
Here are the churches we will go to:
  Praha: St. Mary’s Church of the Assumption
  High Hill: St. Mary’s Catholic Church
  Dubina: Sts. Cyril and Methodist Church
  Ammansville: St. John the Baptist Church
  St. Paul's Lutheran Church

See this link for a map to print in pdf format and this link for Garmin Basecamp coordinates.

For Sunday, February the 19th at 8:30am, breakfast will be at 8:30am at the Chess Club in Blanco.

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