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Date posted: 5/15/2016

Update: Monday, 5/16, 8:50AM OK, I think we're finally back working. Thanks for your patience; I know mine had just about run out.

Update: Monday, 5/16, 6:00AM Clearly they have not fixed the problem. Here is the latest chat with their support group:

the domain is in renewal process
 at 6:08, May 16:
I have updated our domains team to check this
 at 6:08, May 16:
I am personally following it up
 at 6:08, May 16:
it will not take more than 2 - 3 hours from now

This is almost verbatim what they have told me three times now. So I'm not holding my breath.

Meanwhile, I am looking at other hosting options.

Update: Sunday, 5/15, 1:30PM Despite assurances from the hosting company that this would be sorted out "within 30 minutes" at 5:30 this morning, the problem is obviously still not fixed. In my latest chat with them, they assured me that it would be fixed in "4 to 6 hours". Am I living backwards in time?

Sorry for the problems with the forum, which is currently showing that it needs the domain renewed.

I renewed the domain two weeks ago and then yesterday it started doing this. I contacted the hosting company Saturday night and they apologized and said they would fix it. Then this morning it was still wrong. I chatted with them again just now (Sunday morning) and they promised it would be corrected "within 30 minutes".

So I hope they get it right this time. They said their renewal software wasn't working right and they were having to do renewals manually.


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