Another Fine Mess We've Gotten Ourselves Out Of

Date posted: 4/19/2015

Once again, the HCBMWR members have come through with a cleanup of our adopted stretch of RM 165 between Henley and Blanco. Despite some predictions of sketchy weather, we had a good turnout for breakfast at the Bowling Club and for the subsequent cleanup session.

In a major upset to the traditional favorite Keystone, Corona seemed to be the most common brand of beer bottle jettisoned by the denizens of Blanco County since our last cleanup day. 

Special thanks to Jeff Acklen for bringing his pickup and assuming the mantle of the "Captain", taking over for the dearly (temporarily) departed Eric Brubaker. And special thanks to Joe Aaron as well for bringing his pickup to help with the trash and trash-picker-upper hauling.

Many thanks to all of the HCBMWR members who helped out: Joe Aaron, Jeff Acklen, Steve Colwell, Jim Emmons, Brett Field, Klondike Mike Fleck, Karl Friedrich, Kevin Good, Mark Johnson, Dave Schani, Meryl Stoller, and J.B. Young. Thanks, guys!

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